About Us

The Disklok was invented in 1993 by the MD following the theft of two Escort RS Mark II Turbo’s in the same year!

The Disklok has surpassed all expectations in quality, performance and acceptance by security professionals and often carries an insurance discount. It is the only product on the market which spins on the steering wheel to prevent breaking of the vehicles own steering wheel lock and more recently theft of air bag assemblies.

The Disklok has won every industry award for the strongest vehicle security device from its creation in 1993 to 2005 when testers simply gave up!

Although modern vehicles come equipped with a host factory security features, the Disklok still maintains strong sales in other fragile markets, such as light commercials, motor homes, Land Rovers and classic cars.

The Disklok is widely available online and also in Europe with our distributor based in Holland. Please contact Defa Europe.