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The Disklok quickly cemented its position as the UK’s best vehicle steering wheel security device since its launch in 1993. Accolades spanned a 10 year period withstanding a whole manner of product tests and acquiring the best reviews.

1995 Auto Express
1996 Auto Express
1996 Auto Express
1996 Revs Magazine
1996 What Car?
1998 Revs Magazine
1998 Which? Magazine
1999 Fast Car
2000 Golf Magazine
2000 What Car?
2001 Auto Express
2001 Revs Magazine
2002 Auto Express
2002 Revs Magazine
2003 What Car?
2003 Auto Express
2004 Auto Express
2005 What Car?

Max Power “Recommended” Review

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Revs “Unbeatable” Review

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autoexpress_logo copyWinner Special Security Issue

“Disklok has been consistently at the top. By covering the wheel it pre-empts many attacks leaving our team no option but to resort to blunt objects and lots of hard work.

Attack Time: 380 (seconds)

Winner Special Security Issueautoexpress_logo copy

“As ever more cars are fitted with alarms and immobilisers, thieves are increasingly looking to older cars for easy pickings. The form of protection is a good wheel or gear lever lock. It put off many criminals and if it is good enough it will delay them or forces them to make a racket to remove it. There is a greater chance your motor will still be safe in the morning, but as we have repeatedly seen, some devices can be removed in less than 5 seconds.”

Attack Time: 360 (seconds)