We are thrilled and incredibly proud to announce that Disklok have received the ‘Recommended Buy’ award for 2016, from leading motoring magazine, Auto Express. Included in a test that reviewed car security products, our industry leading, innovative steering wheel lock has been deemed ‘the ultimate in physical security’ by the publication.

Disklok first entered the car market over 20 years ago, in response to a resurgent and relentless car theft problem in Britain, at the time. With the ensuing advancement and innovation of in-built car security, car owners could rest a little easier with factory-fitted systems. However, with keyless entry responsible for 42 percent of car theft, in London in 2014, with 6000 cases, taking responsibility for the security of your car into your own hands has, once again, become a priority.

Disklok’s founder, Mark, commented, ““Modern car owners are reverting back to traditional ways of protecting their vehicles to combat the fact that thieves can easily crack keyless ignition codes.

We are proud to have been recommended from a variety of sources, ranging from an article in The Sunday Times, to respected car websites such as John, car ownership forums such as Range Rover Evoque and The Met Police themselves, who recommend purchasing a steering wheel lock for any electronically controlled car. This recent accolade acknowledges and reinforces that Disklok is the world’s strongest and most effective steering wheel security lock.