Disklok – Approved by Thatcham Security

We are proud to announce that we have been approved by Thatcham’s Security as a Category 3 product – the mechanical immobiliser for all vehicles.

Thatchams Research is a name you may well have heard before – all new vehicles, car security systems and devices are all tested rigorously by them, and insurance companies base their prices mainly due to research carried out by Thatcham’s. It is well known within the UK that many insurance companies drop prices if your car is fitted with a Thatcham approved product. These products range from a variety of categories – from Category 3 which the Disklok is placed in, to categories involving Stolen Car Tracking Systems and After Theft Systems for Vehicle Recovery. In fact we are the only steering wheel lock to be approved by Thatchams, which highlights how further ahead the Disklok is from its competitors.

Our certificate is now available to view directly from Thatchams Website, and details the criteria that the Disklok had to pass in order to be approved!

Following the recent spate in keyless entry theft, the Disklok has come back into the British public eye in a huge way, and is now becoming symbolised with many high-end cars such as BMW’s, Range Rover’s and Audi’s that are all being increasingly targeted by thieves. Due to their keyless ignitions, hi-tech thieves are finding ways to bypass the vehicles security, with technology that allows them to tap into the car’s keyless software. The parts are them stripped down and sold abroad using organised crime rings, making them extremely hard to trace.

Some insurers are now refusing to insure some keyless cars unless changes are made, with a recent case by AIG highlighting this, after a motorist tried to insure a Range Rover after his previous one had been stolen from outside his house. Unless your car is parked in a well-lit area or garage at night you may be facing problems, and many insurers are now requesting increased security measures such as Category 5 tracking (ensures the key and the fob are kept separate.)

Of course the other option is the Disklok, which will not only work as a visual deterrent, but buys you valuable time whilst the thieves attempt to get it off. We are now being recommend from various well-respected sources, not least from Thatchams themselves, who suggest using a steering wheel lock in their feature “How To Keep Your Vehicle Secure, but also from The Met Police, whom suggest any electronically controlled car should be protected by a steering wheel lock.