Case Study- Land Rover Defender

Our Thatcham approved Disklok has been tried and tested over the 20 years since its inception, and always comes out on top in car security device reviews. After achieving numerous accolades, we know the value of our award-winning steering wheel lock is undoubtable, but there’s no reward or measure of success quite so fulfilling as when a customer contacts us to tell us that a Disklok has saved their prized possession from falling into the hands of opportunistic car thieves.

The Disklok is effective in a number of ways, not only as a visual deterrent, but by, effectively, rendering the vehicle immovable by covering and locking the steering wheel, in the unfortunate instance whereby thieves have been successful in gaining access inside the car.

This case study perfectly highlights this exact scenario.

The owner, from North Worcester, has owned his 2005 Land Rover Defender 90 for over 18 months and has protected the vehicle with a Disklok for the duration. Knowing that this particular make and model is renowned for being a target of vehicle theft, the Disklok was his first choice as a visual deterrent.

The owner’s Defender is usually parked securely on the driveway, but around this time, it was being kept on the road temporarily, outside their home, since there was a skip placed on the driveway. On the night of the attack, a Saturday, the owner was away, something the thieves may have been on the lookout for.

image_00006 landrover disklok saved 2
Taking their chance of accessing the car without the worry of alerting the owner, they used a crowbar to gain access to the car, bending the top of the door in the process.

Once inside, they set to work trying to disarm and remove the Disklok, using hand tools, bending the arm and the pin and creasing the front plate.


landrover disklok saved

However, their attempts failed when they were unable to break the internal pin, so they admitted defeat and left the scene of the crime, unsuccessful.

Initially, when returning home, the owner wasn’t aware of the attack as the vehicle door had been closed and locked up. The main damage to the car was the door where they had used crowbars to gain access and there were marks inside where they were struggling to remove the Disklok.

The owner immediately replaced his Disklok; a very sage decision, not only because it was so effective in keeping his vehicle from being stolen, but because two Defenders were stolen the following night in the next village.

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