Do you have a Push-Button start Car?!

The police are reporting a massive increase in electronic car theft, particularly of high spec German cars and most commonly of those with a button start.

On the 8th June 2011, an EC Directive was issued that effectively made every car with a button start easier to steal.

The European Commission Regulation (EU) No 566/2011 compels all manufacturers to release security information to independent garages so they can work on any car unimpeded.

Virtually anyone with a laptop could access this information. Criminals can easily purchase a handheld OBDII reader online to download the security information from the ECU and start the car’s engine. Without a steering wheel lock or an electronic steering wheel lock, the car can then simply be driven away.

Trackers help, but not that much because the cars are quickly ‘containerised’ or dismantled for parts.

The police advise that the best way to combat this is with your own steering wheel clamp or with a modern interpretation of a ‘Krooklock’.

The Disklok is the strongest and has the most visual deterrent of any devise on the market. It will almost certainly prevent a thief from steeling your car in this way. Please share this article with friends or colleagues with a push button start.