Disklok RFID Faraday signal blocking wallet, 17.5cm


Disklok RFID signal blocking Faraday Wallet, 17.5cm

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In recent years, it has become increasingly more common for car manufacturers to use keyless entry technology and, whilst this has made it convenient for the car’s owner to remotely access the vehicle and its ignition, it has also presented several security issues. Illegal devises readily available to criminals can boost your keys signal from within your home, transmitting it to a second device next to your vehicle allowing entry. The simple process of placing your keys or key fob inside the Disklok RFID blocking wallet will deny opportunistic thieves access to your vehicle.

Whilst having a market leading reputation in vehicle security, rest assured this wallet also boasts market leading performance, featuring specialist signal-blocking material tested to the Polices’ Secured by Design preferred specification, stopping all signal types:

  • Vehicle Key fobs
  • WiFi (phone/device)
  • Bluetooth (phone/devise)
  • GPS (mobile phone)
  • NFC (contactless payment)

The wallet is made from highly durable polyurethane and fitted with a sturdy Velcro fastening, reassuring contents are safe and signals are not leaked. The closing lip is finished with debossed branding detail reassuring customers are purchasing the best. Additionally, this wallet features a handy carabiner clip and strap attached to the back, allowing easy daily use such as securing to a bag, belt or hanging on a key rail.

The wallet can also be used to protect against the theft of other personal data such as contactless cards, preventing proximity transaction theft. Likewise, it can stop hackers steeling details via WiFi and Bluetooth whilst a phone or tablet is in a public area.

The pouch measures 17.5cm (H) x 12.5cm (W) when closed and is large enough to hold single or multiple key fobs or bunch of keys, smart mobile phones and several cards.

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Dimensions 18 × 14 × 1 cm

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